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Healing Testimonies

Carrie suffered from unexplainable symptoms through her brain and body that left her unable to function without extreme pain... full story

Timika “I Know Who Healed Me” | Muslim lady shares her story of Jesus’ healing power

Ibu Kanang had been to many hospitals in search of healing for her leg, but her pursuit remained fruitless. The doctors could only diagnose her problem as acute rheumatism. “I was in so much pain,” she recalled.... full story

Sharon “Medical Impossibility” becomes a Testament to God’s Love

Woman shares amazing story of healing from blindness... full story

Mrs. Naomin Mrs. Naomin

Mrs. Naomin had been diagnosed with breast cancer... full story

Kumar Gupta Kumar Gupta

Kumar Gupta had a promising future as a Bollywood dancer and performer. Just a year before his accident he had acted in his first movie. On a way to a dance lesson, Kumar rather nonchalantly let both his legs hang outside the car. When the vehicle was hit by a motorcycle, both legs were crushed and Kumar lost consciousness... full story

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About Peter Youngren & World Impact Ministries

Peter Youngren is recognized as a visionary leader, who communicates God's love through Jesus Christ to people of all religions and cultures. His presentation of Jesus Christ is followed by amazing testimonies of physical healing and life transformation. Peter has spoken to audiences of up to 600,000 people in a single service, and more than 330,000 pastors and leaders have attended his 3-day seminars. He frequently meets religious and political leaders as he ministers in countries where Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism are the majority religions.

Peter is the Founder and CEO of Grace TV Media with a 24/7 tv channel across Canada, and daily television across USA and the Middle East.

As Founder and Senior Pastor of the Celebration Church and World Impact Bible Institute, Peter and his wife Taina are involved in seeing people grow in the knowledge of the grace of God. Peter has authored 14 books and his organization, World Impact Ministries, has offices in Escondido, California and Toronto, Canada as well as in Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia and Kenya.

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